Data Rich, Information Poor

Software Projects are data rich and information poor. It requires a lot of time and experience to extract valuable information from the data generated by a project. Let Geigr do it for you.

Geigr = Insight

Insight into your software factory, everyday is a continuous monitoring platform fine-tuned for software development projects.

It collects data generated by CI/CD pipeline and provides continuous up-to-date data-driven insight into software development projects and teams.

Geigr = Data-Driven

Data Driven Decision Making For Software Projects integrates with development tools like Jira, Jenkins, TFS, Git, GitLab and SonarQube and acts as a data aggregation, analytics and visualization platform on top of the CI/CD pipeline. as information radiator enables data-driven approach to software development across your whole organization.

Geigr = To Be In Control

Geigr puts you in Control of Software Development provides continuous and unbiased view of a project, helping to find inefficiencies in the software development process and tooling.

Short feedback loop enabled by works perfectly with DevOps and helps to implement DevOps or to bring it to a higher level faster.